Rabbi Yisroel Grossberg, a native of Staten Island, learned in the Mirrer Yeshiva and Beth Medrash Gavoha of Lakewood. He began  his career in chinuch at Yeshiva Derech HaTorah of Brooklyn, first as a rebbe and eventually serving as Menahel. A little over a decade ago Rabbi Grossberg began working with struggling teenagers and their families, helping them find their place within the frum community while dealing with their individual struggles.
Rabbi Grossberg currently has brought his unique talents to Bnos Binah Seminary where he serves as Menahel.
Rabbi Grossberg and his wife Leah reside in Flatbush and are the proud parents and grandparents of a growing mishpacha ka”H

Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, Founder and Director of Ohr Naava, was raised in Monsey, NY. Under the influence and guidance of his parents, he entered the chinuch world at the young age of 21. Since then, Rabbi Wallerstein has been in chinuch for 30 years, teaching and inspiring young adults in the Jewish world to return to their roots. The position of eighth grade boys’ rebbe at Yeshiva of Crown Heights has been his for almost thirty years. His students, continue to turn to him for encouragement, guidance and inspiration throughout their lives. Rabbi Wallerstein gives two Lectures weekly, at Ohr Yitzchok for boys and at Ohr Naava for girls. Rabbi Wallerstein lives with his wife Estee, children and grandchildren in Brooklyn.

Mrs. Daphne Hanson, LMSW, is the director and mechaneches in Bnos Binah Seminary. She also teaches a variety of subjects, including Torah and Psychology, Michtav M’Eliyahu and The Sanctity of a Jewish Marriage, subjects which she has taught for many years. Daphne is also the co-founder and Program Director at Ohr Naava. After spending a few years studying in Eretz Yisroel, Daphne returned to the U.S. to complete her Master’s Degree in Social Work, which she has utilized in various Jewish institutions in the greater NY area. Daphne and her family live in Brooklyn, NY.

Rabbi Gil Frieman is the Rav of Jewish Center Nachlath Zion. He has given lectures throughout the United States, Canada, and Eretz Yisroel. In addition to his daily Daf Yomi shiur, Rabbi Frieman has been involved in chinuch habanos for more than two decades. Rabbi Frieman currently teaches in Bnos Binah, Tiferes Bnos Yisroel, and V’At Alis seminaries and in Camp Tubby during the summer. He resides with his wife and family in Brooklyn, NY.

Rabbi Reuven Ibragimov, spiritual leader and innovator, currently runs RAJE-NY. He ran Roots, a nascent, grass roots movement serving collegiates and YJP’s in the NY area. He served as campus Chaplin and Program Director at Brooklyn College and Long Island University, worked for Hillel, the OU’s JLIC, the Brownstone, RAJE (Russian-American Jewish Experience) and RAJEon. Ibragimov has been spending his time developing cutting edge programs for colligiates, YJP’s and newlyweds of Russian American backgrounds, giving them a sense of community and a place to share issues and find companionship with peers. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Nalini and their six fabulous children.

Mrs. Malkey Wallerstein attended BYA High School, BJJ Seminary, and NYU University. An outstanding speaker, she has been involved in adult and young adult education for over two decades. Her classes in Bnos Binah, which include Igeres HaRamban, Mesilas Yesharim, and Neviim/Kesuvim, encourage questions, discussion and exploration of ideas by working through the actual text. She also teaches Parasha and High School Biology in the Brooklyn area. She is the wife of Rabbi Eliezer Wallerstein, and lives in Flatbush with her husband and children

Mrs. Nalini Ibragimov is the Educational Director of Souled, a community of young, professional women who seek to deepen their knowledge of Judaism. She also teaches in Bnos Binah Seminary. She attended Barnard College and Moreshet Institute. She lived in Israel for four years where she taught at Michlelet NCSY and in Tikvah Seminary. She also ran monthly yimei iyun for Michlelet Esther. For the following five years, she and her husband worked at Brooklyn College for JLIC, a joint program of the OU and Hillel where she taught and ran various programs for Jewish students on campus. Nalini resides in Brooklyn with her husband and children.

Rabbi Fishel Schachter is a highly acclaimed and much loved scholar international lecturer, storyteller and author. His witty, charming, warm and down to earth style continues to grab the attention of and delight his multitudes of students. Among his many illustrious projects, Rabbi Schachter is a Rebbe in Yeshiva Torah Vodaath in Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Eli Joseph Mansour teaches Parsha at Bnos Binah Seminary weekly. He is a Sephardic Orthodox rabbi of Syrian Jewish descent. He is an eminent Torah scholar and a renowned speaker. Currently he leads a congregation of Sephardic Jews of Syrian, Lebanese, Egyptian, and Morrocan backgrounds in Brooklyn, His congregation is known as Bet Yaakob, where he gives daily classes in Mishnah, Gemara, Halachah, Torah, Neviim, and a variety of subjects relevant to the Orthodox community. He continues to advance his learning at the Keter Sion Kollel.  Rabbi Mansour, his wife and children live in Brooklyn, NY.

Rabbi Mordecai B. Twerski, The Hornosteipler Rebbe, is the Rabbi of Congregation Ateres Shloime in Brooklyn, New York. His Chassidic community began seven years ago when Rabbi Twerski and his family moved from his hometown in Denver Colorado. He continued the leadership of his fathers’ Chassidic community in Denver for over twenty years. In addition to leading his Chassidic community, Rabbi Twerski, has an active counseling practice in family therapy reaching across all lines of the Jewish community.
In his work with the community in Denver, he was renowned for his tireless efforts in outreach to the western region of the US. The core 125 young families of his vibrant community in New York are actively inspiring and host hundreds of young men and women annually in their community and homes. Rabbi Twerski inspires the Bnos Binah seminary students weekly with his enlightening and unique style of education.

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Mrs. Judy Bodner is a certified life coach who specializes in dating, relationships and building self-esteem. Judy is on staff at Ohr Naava, Bnos Binah and Bnot Chaya Academy, where she offers engaging, highly relevant classes and one-on-one student counseling. Her home, nicknamed “Judy’s Place,” has become a warm go-to haven where girls can spend Shabbos or Yom Tov or just find an inviting place to relax. Judy has also been a shadchan for the past 20 years. She resides in Monsey with her husband Pinny, where they enjoy much nachas from their children and grandchildren.