Meaningful Living Mrs. Jackie Bitton
Learning how to create and maintain healthy relationships is fundamental to living and impacts every facet of our lives. This course will focus on four aspects of relationships.

1.    Taharat Hamishpacha ~ Bond between husband and wife

2.    Ben Adam Lemakom ~ Our connection to Hashem

3.    Ben Adam Lechavero ~ Our relationship to others

4.    Ben Adam Leatzmo ~ Our relationship to ourselves 


MIDDOT: Derech Eretz Kadma  L’Torah Mrs. Jackie Bitton
Chazal teach us that the foundation of being a Torah Jew is being a Mentch – a person of upstanding character.  In this course, we will learn in depth the many different character traits in our make-up and how to use them in the most meaningful and optimal way.


Pathway to Relationships Rabbi Reuven Epstein
In this course you will learn a complete system of relationships as it pertains to dating and marriage. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to maximize the most important decision of your life. Class topics include: Hashkafah as to why we get married, understanding what your spouse needs from you, conflict resolution, how to find the right spouse, warning signs when dating, and how to know if you are ready to get married.


Derech Hashem Rabbi Gil Frieman
Learning Derech Hashem is a gateway to exploring the major hashkafic topics in our lives.  In this class we will delve through multiple sources and approaches to provide the answers Chazal give us to the most important philosophical questions that direct out lives.  The goal of this course is for each girl to achieve absolute clarity on Torah foundations such as hashgacha pratis, bechira, olam haze and holam haba, guf and neshama, the purpose of life, yemos hamashiach and chayai olam haba.


Parenting, Chinuch and Relationships Rabbi Gil Frieman
Starting from the sources of Chazal through practical applications, we will create a workable paradigm for being a successful parent, life partner and mentor for your children, your family and yourselves.


Nesivos Sholom: Pirkei Avos Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg
In this class, you will get into the depth of messages and lessons of Pirkei Avos based on the teachings of the Nesivos Sholom (the late Rebbe of Slonim, named after the many volumes of Torah and Chassidic thought). The Nesivos Sholom will walk you through the blueprint for a life of growth and development of a member of the Jewish Nation.  You will learn what you need to know before you even begin any other book of Torah!  In this class, you will learn the basics of how to lead a Torah lifestyle with stellar middos.

Text:  Gems from the Nesivos SholomPirkei Avos


Nesivos Sholom: Shabbos Rabbi Binyomin Ginsberg
In this class, you will gain a new appreciation for the beauty and splendor of this day, often with too much of an emphasis on only one part of Shabbos – the prohibitions.  Using the Gems from the Nesivos Sholom of Shabbos, based on the teachings of the Nesivos Sholom, you will experience a masterful blend of chassidic thought and scholarly analysis, mystical concepts and illustrative narratives, penetrating insight and inspirational messages, all of which you can apply on this special day of the week for the rest of your life.

Text: Gems from the Nesivos Sholom – Shabbos


Connecting to Hashem through Tefila Mrs. Miriam Groner
The course will cover how prayer is our means of communicating with Hakadosh Boruch Hu on every level.

Tehilim: By understanding who Dovid Hamelech was and how he connected to Hashem in every situation in his life through song, we will learn the effects of music on our neshamos and how we too can connect to Hashem by speaking our hearts to Him and sharing our feelings and challenges.


Parshas Hashavua in Depth Rabbi Yisroel Grossberg
We will explore the weekly Parsha in depth paying particular attention to the lessons and themes that apply to our lives. Through these lessons, with emphasis on middos, the students will realize that the Torah is a blueprint upon which to build a strong foundation for their future.


Sanctity of a Jewish Marriage Mrs. Daphne Hanson
Being a wife and mother is today’s world is not what it used to be. The challenges are many and the outside world pushes harder than ever before to get into our batei mikdash.  How can I fortify my home, my family and myself from the strong winds that threaten to blow us astray, and still retain the balance of living as a Jewish woman in the 21st Century? In our class we will focus on the 3 mitzvos specially given to women and learn how through these mitzvos and what they represent, HK”BH in His infinite wisdom has indeed set us up well armed for the battle, prepared for victory. Through the mitzvah of challah, we will learn the importance of physically nurturing our home, our family and ourselves – recipes included! Through the mitzvah of neiros we will explore how a wife and mother is the sounding board for emotional health for those in her care. Through the mitzvah of taharas hamishpacha we will understand the power of being behind the scenes in every aspect of our family’s spiritual growth.


“Michtav M’Eliyahu” – Torah and Psychology Mrs. Daphne Hanson
The fascinating topic of psychology as seen through the Torah lens of Rav EE Dessler in Michtav M’Eliyahu. Reaching the core of ourselves and defining our thoughts, actions and words as being either ‘giving’ or ‘taking’ and making choices in life will be the central focus of each semester. Once we reach the depths of understanding ourselves, we will explore together how develop into the people that we wish to become.


Kuzari Mrs. Nalini Ibragimov
Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi’s classic philosophical text The Kuzari addresses timeless issues that although written in the 12th century, speaks to the 21st century modern thinking Jew, perhaps more than centuries ago. Written in dialogue format, a King contemplating conversion discusses fundamental issues with a Jew, Christian and Muslim. Topics in the course include the history of the world, origins of the Jewish nation; how G-d interacts with the physical world, Yisrael and the nations, the concept of shabbat, olam haba, emunah, prophecy, proofs for the existence of a soul, the human intellect, free will, and more.


Dah Es Atzmaich – A Journey if Self Discovery Mrs. Sarah Katz
We will take a journey through various Torah sources to help discover who we want to become and how to get there.


The Bolts of Bitachon Rabbi Ari Neuwirth
In this course, through the prisms of Chovos Halevavos, we will learn the benefits of trusting in Hashem and the effect and impact it has on our daily lives. The study of Chovos Halevavos will lead us towards the perfection of the mind in our service of Hashem.


Growth Through Pirkei Avos Mrs. Batsheva Raful
Pirkei Avos is the only mesechta of the Mishna which is devoted exclusively to the ethical and moral teachings of the Tannaim. In this course, we will focus on learning mishnayos from Meseches Avos, placing emphasis on introspection and self-growth, and finding value in its relevancy for the Bas Yisrael.


Chassidus Rabbi Mordechai Twerski
Walk with the Baal Shem Tov. Open your hearts to the essentials of the founders of chassidus. Rabbi Mordechai Twerski is a tenth generation direct descendant of The Baal Shem Tov, Chernobyl and Lubavich, and will BE”H help you open your mind and hearts to the warmth of the early teachers of chassidus.


Halacha Without Fear Rabbi Bentzion Unger
Straightforward practical Halacha with a focus on contemporary issues less emphasized at the High School level.  Halachos of the Yomim Tovim at the relevant time are also briefly reviewed.  Some of core curriculum includes Shabbos and Technology, Workplace Ethics and Halacha, Maaser, Honesty, Yichud, Shadchanus, Hashavas Aveida, as well as modern Kashrus applications.  Questions are always encouraged.


Yesodos HaEmuna Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein
Fortifying our Emuna in these times is one of the most important foundations of a Jew’s life. Answering questions such as: How do you KNOW? Why did Hashem create the world? What does it mean that a person is a whole world? These topics and others will be addressed throughout the course of the year.


Kibbud Av Va’Eim Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein
One of the most fundamental, and sometimes one of the hardest, mitzvos of the Torah is the mitzvah of kibbud av va’eim, honoring our parents.  Bezras Hashem we will discover how to honor and revere our parents through true stories, Torah insights and practical advice.  We will learn how to incorporate these ideas into our minds, hearts and actions.